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In December 2018, the Next Einstein Forum launched the first issue of Scientific African. Published quarterly, Scientific African is a peer-reviewed, open access, inter- and multidisciplinary scientific journal that is dedicated to expanding access to African research, increasing intra-African scientific collaboration, and building academic research capacity in Africa.

“We are extremely proud to see the publication of the first issue of Scientific African. Scientific African provides a powerful platform where excellent research being done in and on Africa can be published and publicized. The journal, together with the magazine, provides an important opportunity to reach policymakers and the public. The articles in this first issue bring interesting perspectives in agriculture, the environment and health. I would like to thank Editor-in-Chief Dr. Benji Gyampoh all the subject editors for their efforts. I would also like to thank Elsevier, as the co-publisher of the journal, for their partnership in highlighting the incredible research across the continent,” said Dr. Youssef Travaly, Vice-President of Science, Innovation and Institutional Partnerships, Next Einstein Forum.

Scientific African Magazine documents science and technology developments in Africa and from Africans for the general public, with a special focus on the published research in Scientific African. It reviews relevant, science-driven research and innovations and asks the hard questions around Africa’s investments in science and technology.

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