Michael Sonneyboy Gboneh

NEF Ambassador

Michael Sonneyboy Gboneh


Michael Sonneyboy Gboneh was born in a small village called Duwion which is situated in one of the political subdivision of my country Liberia. Coming from a humble background, he was sent to the SOS children Village to attend school, but due to the civil war, he came back to his family to continue his education. Upon graduating from secondary school, Michael enrolled at the University of Liberia where he pursued studies in Mathematics and Physics.

Michael’s career path came as a result of his interest in numbers, which always fascinated him. His aptitude for Mathematics has made him an ardent learner of Modeling and Simulation, and has inspired him to always work with young people mostly in the area of education. After graduating with a BSc degree in Mathematics, he was granted a full scholarship by MasterCard foundation and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS, South Africa) to study Mathematical Science and later obtained a MSc in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch and AIMS.

Currently, Michael is serving the position of Chairperson, Department of Mathematics, University of Liberia and has dedicated his time to academia and using mathematics to help solve Africa’s many problems, to help young people learn and contribute to the growth of Liberia and Africa in general.