Kusai Fteita

NEF Ambassador

Kusai Fteita


Kusai Fteita is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in Libya’s private sector. His primary professional focus is to enhance and accelerate the region’s push towards the knowledge frontier in sectors of education, transportation, and logistics services, by bringing more opportunities to spurring entrepreneurial activity, economic growth, and job creation in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Tech Impact, a private for-profit innovation and startup hub that aims to accelerate the transformation towards the knowledge-led economy.

Kusai is the General Manager of Alatheer Technologies and founder of Libya Africa Innovation Network with an aim to promote innovation and support doing business across borders. He is also involved in policy engagement and co-creation across Africa, he is a member of the Africa Innovation Policy Task Force. Kusai is a speaker at the World Economic Forum and a global fellow at Stanford AMENDS. Recently he entered the service sector business. His startup Citygo provides an innovative way for ride-sourcing and delivery services.