NEF Africa Science and Innovation Index

NEF Africa Science and Innovation Index

Tailored to the African context through a broad range of carefully selected indicators, the Africa Science and Innovation Index is designed to boost the science and innovation ecosystem on the continent, capturing progress in STEM education and innovation output and investments.

The NEF Africa Science and Innovation Index is compartmentalized into five distinct, albeit complementary pillars, which together enable us to assess with a considerable degree of accuracy the magnitude of scientific innovation across the African continent. The Index is comprised of a total of hundred and twenty seven indicators covering a wide spectrum of topics, which range from political and regulatory environment to market and business sophistication to name a few.

To maintain the highest standard of data quality, the SICI employs a rigorous process of online data collection ensured by a team of qualified researchers, who are in turn supported by a group of NEF ambassadors from thirty African countries, and whose essential role is to compile non publicly available primary source data. Analysis of the data is subject to a meticulous process of advanced statistical analyses, combined with a robust method of ranking based on a prudently constructed weighing system.

With the Index, the NEF hopes to inspire a systemic transformation of the scientific and innovation landscape in Africa and catalyze coordinated policy and investments.