Grévisse Idjerhe Mpal

NEF Ambassador

Grévisse Idjerhe Mpal

Congo (DRC)

Grévisse Idjerhe Mpal is a Master’s Degree student in Regional Planning and Development of the University Laval/Canada. He is an agricultural engineer from the University of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He also has expertise in biodiversity protection and shows keen interested in the management of international development projects. He is involved in science communication and strengthening these capacities. He has initiated an NGO referred to Actions for Africa (AFA) women whose head office is in Kinshasa (DRC). He is proud of leading research projects on economically empowering African women by ensuring their employability by enhancing their ICT and English skills. The research project also aimed at increasing women’s representation in the transportation sector, thereby improving their economic rights and lives.

In 2015, Noble was honoured as Young Scientist at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China. In 2013, he was inaugurated as the youngest fellow of Uganda National Academy of Sciences and the only person to qualify to be in both the young and senior academy in Uganda. Noble is currently the interim president of Uganda Young Academy. Noble was also named a fellow of the Global Young Academy in 2013. In 2007, he won the Cochran Fellowship to do postdoctoral professional studies in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thus far, Noble has supervised eight doctoral theses and 25 masters’ theses. As such, he has authored 78 peer-reviewed scientific papers in reputable international journals with a citation H-Index of 15, i10-Index of 24 and 714 citations as of November 2015. In waste management research, Noble is ranked 35th globally and 2nd in Africa according to Google Scholar rankings.