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NEF Community of Scientists

The NEF Community of Scientists encompasses both NEF Fellows and Ambassadors, past and present. It is a growing community expected to create a unified African scientific identity, the existence of which would inspire young people to pursue science and technology fields and drive Africa’s socio-economic transformation. It fosters collaborations towards advancing the frontiers of science, engineering or technology in areas of high social impact in Africa and beyond.

The strategic objectives of the NEF Community of Scientists launched in September 2017 include:
● Influencing Policy
● Education & Training
● Science for Society
● Leadership
● Research Excellence
● Science Communication
● Funding & Collaboration

Members of the Community of Scientists:
NEF Fellows
NEF Ambassadors

1. NEF Africa Science Week
2. Scientific African Journal

The Executive Committee of the Community of Scientists is composed of:

Dr. Yabebal Fantaye

Dr. Amna Abdalla Khalid

Dr. Olueafemi Akande

Dr. Charles Mberi Kimpolo

Dr. Sanushka Naidoo

Ms. Aneth David