African Higher Education Summit in Dakar, Senegal

Live Event: The African Higher Education Summit

Dakar, Senegal Join global policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and international development partners as they develop a common vision geared towards transforming Africa’s higher education system. Dr. Khumbah: “Technical mastery differentiates the developed world from the underdeveloped.” Dr. Green: “Africa has no time to waste. We need to look at initiatives that work and invest in those.” Professor Briggs: “Stanford and other US universities have a great system were professors and students come up with great bankable projects. Africa should look to this model.”

Photo Credit: Frederic Courbet, Content Credit: Nathalie Munyampenda From left to right: Dr. Nkem Khumbah, Professor in Mathematics at the University of Michigan and NEF Executive Curator, Dr. Martial Ikounga, the AU Commissioner for Human Resources, Sciences and Technology, Dr. Barry Green, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Chief Research and Academic Officer, Professor Faye Briggs, Intel Fellow and Chief Server Architect at Intel Corporation.