Mussie Mengistu Habtom

NEF Ambassador

Mussie Mengistu Habtom


Mussie was born in Asmara the capital of Eritrea, with a dream of becoming a teacher at a tender age. After completion of his primary and secondary education, he joined Teacher Training Institution in 1997. Since then, he has served in various secondary schools, as a teacher and school administrator and school Director in one of the secondary schools.

After serving as elementary and junior teacher in various schools of Eritrea for three years, Mussie joined University of Asmara to do his undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology. In addition to several positions in the education sector, in 2011, Mussie was transferred to College of Education as assistant lecturer in the department of Educational Psychology and taught various courses.

Currently, he is a candidate for Masters in Special Needs Education (Learning Disabilities) Kenyatta University, School of Education, Dept. of Special Needs Education. Nairobi, Kenya.