Raïssa Malu

NEF Ambassador

Raïssa Malu

Congo (DRC)

Raissa Malu is a physicist by training, and an author and editor of “Les Indispensables” textbooks collection, born in Kinshasa. These are works that cover most of the material in order to facilitate its application and revision.

She has also worked as a computer scientist in the banking sector, a research assistant in the nuclear sector and a lecturer in higher education, before setting up her own school coaching company. In 2014, Raissa founded with friends a non-profit organization that organizes Science and Technology Week, in Kinshasa DRCongo.

Currently, she is the Head of Technical Support Unit at the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (DRCongo) for the Education Project for the Quality and Relevance of Secondary and Higher Education (PEQPESU) since January 20