Seven reasons to attend Next Einstein Forum Global Gatherings

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Global Gatherings is a space like no other! We focus on creating a collaborative environment for young innovators and great scientific minds to come together with the singular goal of propelling Africa as a global scientific hub. The Global Gathering is the largest science and innovation gathering on the continent. If that doesn’t spike your interest, maybe these 7 reasons will…

(1) You’ll Be Meeting Africa’s Brightest Scientists

As its name suggests, the Next Einstein Forum is on the hunt for the next Albert Einstein. To be exact, NEF is training the great scientific minds of the future to leverage science in the revitalization and transformation of Africa. Within the NEF Community of Scientists are NEF Fellows, strong scientists, all under 42 years, whose research and innovations are contributing to solve Africa’s and the world’s most pressing challenges. You will get to witness NEF Fellows present their impressive work at the special TED-talk style sessions.

(2) Connect with your future investors in a global networking platform

The NEF Global Gathering is home to a full quota of Sciencepreneur Investor Meetup. The meetup is meant to support some of the exceptional African science entrepreneurs (sciencepreneurs) with pitch preparation and investment readiness sessions and, thereafter, connect them to investors. Got an idea that will make the future better? Pitch to the NEF Global Gathering Sciencepreneur Investor Meetup and stand a chance of winning $25,000 in each of the categories. Beyond the prize-winning envelope, startups will be matched with investors for more fundraising opportunities. That’s in addition to the Challenge of Invention and Innovation (Ci2i) award that was inaugurated at the first NEF Global Gathering in Dakar, Senegal, in 2016. Since it attracts successful people from all walks of life, Global Gatherings is an opportunity to build networks with other academics, experts, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in similar fields of studies. It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, as a participant, and upgrade performance in accomplishing institutional objectives. The diversity in the audience is striking: 40% of the delegates are women while 60% of all participants are under the age of 42.

(3) Discover the Latest Trends in Science and Innovation in One Place

A distinctive feature of the NEF Global Gatherings is its ability to assemble the best inventions in science and innovation that are making the world better and smarter in one place: From augmented and virtual reality to fintech; from design to education; from experimental to agri-tech; and from healthcare to sustainability. Innovators are invited from across a variety of categories, as well as through competitions. Before these trends are brought to you, they are evaluated based on key factors, including originality, creativity, influence, ambition and effectiveness.

(4) The Innovation Village is a “prism” of the Forth Industrial Revolution

Inspired by Silicon Valley, young innovators at the Innovation Village of NEF Global Gatherings showcase life-improving solutions for rural African communities. These young talents experiment with solutions characterized by the fusion and utilization of new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and advanced wireless technologies. It will act as an incubator for Africa’s future unicorns.

Presidents Paul Kagame and Macky Sall watch intently as an innovator explains his work at the 2nd NEF Global Gatherings 26–28 March 2018, that attracted 1,500 participants from 80 countries

(5) Science Presented as a Means of Solving Societal Problems

NEF Global Gatherings feature examples in the like of Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, co-founder and chief scientific officer of the AI startup My Intelligent Machines, working with advanced algorithms and machine learning methods to leverage genomic precision in livestock production models. You will also learn how with genomic precision, for example, it is possible to build intelligent breeding programs that minimize the ecological footprint, address changing consumer demands, and contribute to the well-being of people and animals through the selection of good genetic characteristics at an early stage of the livestock production process. These are just a few examples that illustrate how the NEF Global Gatherings leverage science in the revitalization and transformation of Africa.

(6) Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At its Global Gatherings, NEF presents its research around the new economies that will spur the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or 4IR). Beyond the digital dimension (Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain), the NEF Global Gatherings afford you the opportunity to discover the new economies that will spur the 4IR: the low carbon economy (bio-based methanol, hydrogen), the circular economy and the shared economy.

(7) You’ll have no visa worries

The NEF Global Gathering is a response to the timeless problem of visas. Researchers often don’t get the chance to interact with who they want due to the stress of immigration. The four-day event breaks this barrier. It offers a visa-free space for researchers to interact, cross-collaborate and solve global problems within a local paradigm.

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