Women and the mathematical sciences should make an amicable pair in Africa

AIMS CEO, Thierry Zomahoun writes about gender equity in STEM and how AIMS is bringing more women to the fore:

Excerpt: ”

What we need now is strong leadership to break through these gender equality challenges in an innovative and scalable way. As we look to the future, we need to recognise the strides we have made in women’s rights, especially with regard to the Millennium Development Goals.

Increased access to basic education for girls, increased access to health services and better infrastructure, improved maternal and child health, are all important indicators of progress.

Now, as we focus on the post-MDGs agenda, there is increasing recognition of the power of mathematics, technology and science as a catalyst for development in Africa and, equally important, that women have a critical role to play in unlocking the catalytic power of mathematics and science in Africa’s transformation.”

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