Preparing for the AAAS Annual Meeting 2015

Every year, members, supporters and affiliates of the AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science convene to discuss recent developments in science and technology. This year’s theme is Innovation, Information and Imaging and involves examining the changes across all disciplines of science and technology brought about by advancements made in organizing, visualizing and analyzing data.

The AAAS website explains this year’s theme in detail:

Advances in information and imaging technologies are generating novel applications in fields such as biochemistry, computer science, particle physics, genomics, and oceanography, and creating ways to interpret data across disciplines. This transformation makes scientific information more open, available, and accessible globally. The escalating amount of data, and advances in data analysis, are changing the ways we discover answers to scientific and societal problems. Thoughtful consideration of how information is used for societal benefit, evaluated for potential risks, and communicated beyond the scientific community will allow this revolution to reach its full potential.

The plenary lectures will feature the following speakers:

1) Daphne Koller on The Online Revolution: Learning Without Limits

2) David Paker on Post-Evolutionary Biology: Design of Novel Protein Structures, Functions and Assemblies

3) Karl Deisseroth on Optical Deconstruction of Fully-Assembled Biological Systems and

4) Neil Shubin on Finding Your Inner Fish.