Sara de jesus Santos Baptista

NEF Ambassador

Sara de jesus Santos Baptista

Cape Verde

Sara Baptista has a degree in Nursing and has worked as a nurse for 14 years. Due to her interest in all health related issues, she pursued two master’s degrees, one in Public Health and another in HIV/AIDS infection. Considering Sara’s new challenges, academic and intellectual growth and interests on getting the best scientific knowledge towards public health, she decided to take a PhD in Life Sciences, in particular in Parasitology field specifically in the Graduate Program Science for Development (PGCD). 

Currently, she works with Instituto de Medicina Molecular- João Lobo Antunes, Lisbon, Portugal at Dr. Maria Mota Lab, which is interested in studying the Biology and Physiology of Malaria. Mostly, she is working on understanding how the main liver stage protein of the plasmodium parasite, the circumsporozoite protein is processed by the host hepatocyte. As well, Sara de Jesus has developed a campaign towards the engagement of the native and immigrant African community, living in Portugal and worldwide, to register as a bone marrow donor among other health campaigns including awareness in the Lisbon African Communities, as well actively contribute some compatible bone marrow donations.