Lakshana Mohee

NEF Ambassador

Lakshana Mohee


Lakshana Mohee’s dream of becoming a biomaterials scientist, to develop innovative and more accessible techniques for improved healthcare around the world, inspired her to leave home at the age of 18 to attend an Engineering school in France to study Materials Science, specializing in Biomaterials, where she was awarded a scholarship owing to her excellent academic performance. She seized this opportunity abroad to develop her scientific skills, carrying out research internships in Singapore and Canada.

She is currently doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge in Biomaterials and Medical Devices, and she hopes to start a company in Mauritius to develop such devices. Lakshana is also involved in multiple leadership roles, such as being Co-President of the African Society of Cambridge University, Co-Chair of Africa Together Conference 2018, and a student mental health representative of the University.