Keita Alpha Kabinet

NEF Ambassador

Keita Alpha Kabinet


Keita Alpha Kabinet holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Conakry, Guinea and a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille. He received a Doctorate in Infectious Diseases in 2013 supported by “Infectiopôle Sud” Foundation grant. Keita’s work focuses on the study of the epidemiology of Tropheryma whipplei. As well, he was awarded in 2012, with a Bronze Medal at the 4th Mediterranean Infection Day at the Hôtel de la Région in Marseille.

Currently, Keita is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the UMI233, Translational Research on HIV and Infectious Diseases (TransVIHMI) of the Research Institute for Development (IRD). Practically, Keita’s work focuses on the Ebola virus, in a global study project in humans and wildlife in Guinea. As well, he is an author of several articles.