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Aneth Mwakilili

NEF Ambassador

Country: Tanzania

Aneth David is an MSc Biotechnology student at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where she also received her BSc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Her MSc research focused on the effectiveness of soil bacteria in improving food production and elongation of the shelf life of crop harvests. Her research has inspired her to probe deeper into the impact of scientific research in daily life of Tanzanians in a survey study she is currently conducting.

She is a member and beneficiary of SABINA students fellowship grant, a member of YUNA Tanzania Chapter and scientific communities H3ABioNet and ASBC. Ms. David is also passionate about women empowerment and their role in social development. She aspires to a scientific research and academic career where she can explore, share and impart knowledge and experiences, and work closely with the younger generation.