Rigoberto Econo Anvene Ntogono

NEF Ambassador

Rigoberto Econo Anvene Ntogono

Equatorial Guinea

Rigoberto Esono Anvene Ntogono is a national expert on conservation in Equatorial Guinea. He has formulated curriculum for the Institute of Training in Forestry and Environment, and consulted for the national strategy plan on the contribution of non-timber forest products for food security in Central Africa. In 2015, he received a medal of excellence for the Best Conservationist of Central Africa awarded by partners and partnerships for the forests of the Congo Basin.

Rigoberto has a passion for conservation science and has been researching on issues of biodiversity for over 10 years. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas in the USA and received certifications on conservation in Spain. As a conserver of one of the protected areas that make up the Network of Protected Areas of Central Africa (RAPAC), he wants to use the NEF platform to learn and share new investigative mechanisms of biodiversity.