novembre 23, 2021

The Heartbeat of Africa: Food, Culture, and Wellbeing

By Dr. Ebele Mogo and Grainne Hutton  Food has served various cultural, economic, culinary, and even aesthetic purposes in African countries throughout history. In the 20th century, pyramid-like displays of groundnut sacks adorned cities in northern Nigeria. Known as the groundnut pyramids, these tourist attractions symbolized growing agricultural prosperity in the region. Once a famous […]

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juin 29, 2021

AIMS Enrolls 51 Alumni in MS4CR Internship Program

Compounding with a growing number of new challenges caused by the evolving COVID-19, climate change remains a global priority. The multidimensional negative impacts of climate science are more pronounced in the Global South and Africa in particular. These regions witnessed increased possibilities of severe droughts, floods, and storms threatening their social and economic future. Against […]

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juin 7, 2021

Bosun Tijani, the man behind Africa’s largest tech hub

Next Einstein Forum: Tell us in a few words what CcHUB is and the impact it has had on Africa? Bosun Tijani: CcHUB stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trends and is maintaining its focus on shaping the economy and the future of Africa. It is championing the growth of start-up communities whose […]

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mai 24, 2021

Dr. Sajjad Fazel, a rising figure in East Africa’s science communication field

Next Einstein Forum: Could you please tell us how and why you decided to embark upon a career in the science field? Sajjad Fazel: Ever since I was young, I loved science. I was a curious child, and science was my way of exploring the world and learning different things. I enjoyed conducting science experiments, […]

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mai 17, 2021

Temie Giwa-Tubosun, a leading figure in West Africa’s healthcare industry

Next Einstein Forum: West Africa’s healthcare system is faced with a couple of challenges. What are the main barriers that need to be overcome? Temie Giwa-Tubosun: One of the major challenges is limited access to critical medical supplies such as blood, oxygen, and vaccines. This is particularly due to the severely fragmented healthcare supply chain. […]

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avril 26, 2021

Dr. Fadji Maina, étoile montante dans le paysage scientifique africain

Par Szymon Jagiello Next Einstein Forum: Quelles sont les raisons qui vous ont motivé à embrasser une carrière dans la filière scientifique? Fadji Maina: J’ai toujours été curieuse depuis mon enfance. Mon entourage me rappelle toujours toutes les questions que je posais quand j’étais petite. J’ai grandi avec le désir et la soif de comprendre […]

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avril 16, 2021

Dr. Chao Mbogo, the inspirational path of a computer scientist

By Layih Butake and Szymon Jagiello Next Einstein Forum: Could you please tell us how and why you decided to embark upon a career in the science field? Chao Mbogo: I did not know that I wanted a career in computer science until I decided to pursue a degree in mathematics and computer science when […]

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mars 29, 2021

Caltech professor Ibrahim Cissé applies physics to decode and understand RNA transcription

NEW YORK, March 29, 2021—The Vilcek Foundation recognizes the research contributionsand work of Caltech professor Ibrahim Cissé in a news article and video. Cissé is the recipient ofa 2021 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science and the Next Einstein Forum Fellow. The Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science are awarded annually […]

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juin 30, 2020

Tapping into New and Formalized Ancient Economies: Who is ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By Youssef TRAVALY, Vice-President of the Next Einstein Forum The African continent is at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a profoundly transformative global process, which will have impact throughout our societies, economies, and cultures. Two key features characterize industrial revolutions including successive energy transitions and successive technological transitions. Energy transitions – the […]

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juin 30, 2020

L’Afrique est-elle prête à tirer profit de la transition énergétique à venir? La Dr. Sandrine Mubenga livre son point de vue

Next Einstein Forum: Selon plusieurs experts, la 4ème révolution industrielle sera notamment alimentée par les énergies vertes. Êtes-vous d’accord avec cet avis? Sandrine Mubenga: Nous sommes en guerre pour le climat et les énergies fossiles ne constituent plus une solution durable. Il nous faut donc des énergies respectueuses de l’environnement. Nous sommes à l’aube d’une 4ème […]

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