7-11 June 2017

Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid

Led By: Dr. Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid

The science agenda in Sudan is shaped by the National Council for Research which was founded in 1970 with the mandate to plan and direct national research programs in agriculture, medicine, energy, and other fields. According to the statistics of UNESCO in 2005, the R&D expenditure is 0.3% of GDP with an estimated 400 researchers per a million people and 40% of them being women. The Ministry of Science and Technology for Sudan has the objective to use research to grow the industrial base in Sudan and exploit Sudan’s natural resources of the country.

NEF Ambassador
Dr. Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid is a Biophysicist currently doing her postdoc at the Georg-August-Universität Fakultät für Physik, Drittes Physikalisches Institut – Biophysik in Germany after completing her PhD at Trieste University in Italy. Her research focuses on the protein complex (MCM), which is not only relevant from a biophysical point of view, but it can be considered as a potential cancer biomarker and possible drug for cancer.

Overview ASW Sudan Activities:

  1. Opening ceremony/Introducing NEF

7 June 2017 11:00 a.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

Opening ceremony/Introducing NEF: This activity will start the Africa Science Week and discuss the vision of Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Science Week (ASW) as well as introduce ASW activities in Sudan.

  1. Panel discussion on State of Research in Sudan

7 June 2017 12:35 p.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

Prof. Abdullah Seed Ahmed – Khartoum University, Education
Dr. Alfatih Ahmed – Sudan university of Science and Technology, Chemistry
Dr. Shama Ibrahim Younis – Al-Neelain University, Biology
Dr. Mohammed Ali Basher – Al-Neelain University, Mathematics
Dr. Abdulhameed Bady – Khartoum University, Geology

  1. Panel discussion on Science and Industry

8 June 2017 10:30 a.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

Industry would canot be developed without scientific research, which problem solves and innovates the best way forward. This session will bring together scientists and the private sector/industrial sectors.

Dr. Azhari Hamid – International Africa University
Ms. Tahra Wali Aldeen – Manager of the National Center for Entrepreneurship
Prof. Salih Hamadto – Solar cells enterprise solution company
Speaker from the Industry Committee in the National Assembly (TBC)
Mr. Mohammed Orsod – Entrepreneur
Speaker from Family Bank (TBC)

  1. Celebrating Women in Science and Technology (Women in STEM)

9 June 2017 10:30 a.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

In collaboration with the Organization of Sudanese’s women in science and social organizations, several women in science will present their work and speak to the challenges they face as women and scientists. In addition, there will be a lively discussion about work-life balance. Can a woman be wife, mother, and scientist without any support? This event will also highlight the stories of women (including stay at home moms) enrolling in STEM fields.

Dr. Tahani Abdullah – Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Dr. Somia Abo Kashwa – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Dr. Tabita Botross Kashawi – State Minister of Water Resources and Electricity
Eng. Wedad Yagob – Bee Group
Nessren Abdelfatah Ali Abdoun – Consultant, Electricity Regulatory Authority

  1. Connections in STEM (Interdisciplinarity in STEM)

10 June 2017 10:35 a.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

During this event, discussion will center around the intersection between different fields in science and their increased impact (For example, environmental science and nanotechnology). Further, there will be a focus on how science can help processing industries move to environmentally friendly solutions.

Dr. Amal Al Sammani – Khartoum University, Engineering
Topic: Connecting different scientific branches thorough nanotechnology

Speaker from the Environment Council
Topic: Technology and environmental protection

Mr. Hosifa Ahmed Berama and Mr. Mohammed Yahya Alrady – Institution for Space Research
Topic: Science of Cosmology & Intro to Astronomy

Confluence International School (TBC)
Prof. Alfredo Di Nola
Topic: Library Everywhere Project

  1. Motivational Talks from Successful Scientists and Innovators

11 June 2017 9 p.m. Venue: Grand Holiday Villa Hotel – Nile Avenue

In addition to inspiring stories from successful scientists and researchers, there will be a music concert where some traditional songs and groups will be performing.


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