10-18 June 2017

Assane Fall

Led By: Assane Fall

For the last few years, Senegal by way of policies and initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Researcher, has implemented major reforms to its higher education and research sphere in order to enhance the quality and bridge researchers into the socio-economic world.

As a result, Senegal leads francophone Africa in terms of researcher per million people at 361 and comes second to South Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa. Senegal’s new scientific policy focuses on young people, a major advantage in the promotion of science and technology in the country. The Minister of Higher Education, H.E. Mary Teuw Niane, a member of the NEF International Steering Committee, is building a “City of Knowledge” that will house a media library, a ‘House of Science’, a planetarium etc. The goal of these projects is to promote scientific culture, orienting and retaining students and young people in general.

The Senegalese government, through the ministry, has also put a specific fund to help women reach the highest levels of education and research in Senegal. The government believes that women are key to the development of science and technology in the country.

NEF Ambassador
Assane Fall is a librarian and trainer. He launched in 2013 the group “Feusseul”, an NGO that opens for the promotion and development of libraries in Senegal where he is the project manager. He is the communication officer of the Senegalese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists (ASBAD).


10 June 2017 at UCAD II and the Conference Hall of La Brioche Dorée (facing UCAD)
1. Conference on Scientific Culture among young people: For this event, 100 students will discuss how to develop a scientific culture among young people with the objective of making science more accessible. The event hopes to raise participants’ curiosity for scientific learning and interest in scientific activities.
• Dr. Maram Kaire – Technical Advisor, Senegal Ministry of Higher Education and Research
• Dr. Assane Gueye, Professor-Researcher, and NEF Fellow
• Mr. Fary Ndao, Engineer in Geology
• Mr. Antonin Benoit Diouf, Chief of Documentation IDEP

2. Panel on the role of science in the SDGs: The event will gather important decision makers, including civil society, and students and university leadership on the role of science in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Discussions will revolve around how scientific research and innovation can service sustainable development.
• Dr. Assane Gueye, Professor-Researcher, and NEF Fellow
• Representative from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
• Representative from UNESCO

3. Women, Science and Technology: The goal of this event is to promote women in science, encourage retention of girls in scientific fields and raise awareness among parents on the importance of educating girls in science and technology.
• Dr. Maryam K. Mbacke- Ministry of Mines
• Dr. Dieyi Diouf – Professor-Researcher, EBAD/UCAD
• Ms. Moussoukoro Diop – CEO and Founder of Digital Moussou
Moderated by Jaly Badiane, Journalist

16 – 18 June 2017 Events hosted by Gaston Berger University- Saint Louis

1. Science Caravan: The caravan will make rounds in three to five schools and a cultural centre to demonstrate to the local population the importance of science to daily life. The caravan will also introduce students to scientific culture and push for global access to science.
2. Coding workshop: The event will give children basic coding training, opening up the possibilities in ICT to them.
3. Panel at Gaston Berger University