9-13 June 2017

Esther Kunda

Led By: Esther Kunda

Rwanda’s national policy on science and technology has for vision Rwanda as a modern nation, able to generate and disseminate technological knowledge and innovation and as a centre of excellence at a regional level in the area of technologies, particularly with ICT.

The above vision enabled the GoR to invest in ICT starting with e-government services, encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses in ICT and other technologies through initiatives like Klab and providing incentives for global companies to establish themselves in Rwanda. On top of that, the biggest investments have been in education where the One Laptop Per Child (OPLC) and the smart education policy are introducing technology in the classroom as teaching and learning tools, technical skills are being taught through IPRCs( Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges) and bigger and partnerships like Carnegie Mellon University – Africa, AIMS and ICTP have joined the higher education landscape.

These investments have led to initiatives such as the recently awarded three Centres of Excellence funded by the World Bank and the AIMS Quantum Leap Africa Research Centre.

Further, the GoR is in the process of establishing a research fund that will contribute to grow Rwandan scientific research.

NEF Ambassador
Esther Kunda, NEF ambassador in Rwanda, is the NEF Programs and operations coordinator and avid STEM advocate.


  1. Coding workshop: This workshop will bring together high school students to learn basic programming skills to empower them to enjoy technology.

Venue: Klab- Karongi
Date:  9 – 12 June 2017
Partners:  Klab

       2. Science Expo: The first ever Science Expo in Rwanda will bring together various industry players and university students to                  exhibit science as they use it on a daily basis. Primary and high schools will be encouraged to attend.

Venue: Kigali Car Free Zone
Date: 10 June 2017
Partners:  Rwanda Ministry of Education
Exhibitors:  FabLab, AIMS, UR (Architecture), SafeMotos

     3. Research in Rwanda Conference: Bringing together 100 stakeholders in science and research in Rwanda, this event will                    bring together stakeholders to discuss the state of research in Rwanda and strategies to increase funding and interest in                      research and innovation. This event will be held in partnership with the National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST).

Venue: Lemigo Hotel
Date: 13 June 2017
Partners:  NCST

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