27-30 June 2017

Rachel Sibande

Led By: Rachel Sibande

Malawi holds the potential to adopt and utilize STEM to reduce poverty and diversifying the agriculture-dependent economy. Despite the setback in the science and technology policies, the government has been able to establish the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Lilongwe University of Natural Resources to build Science, Technology and Innovation capacity. There is still a strong gender imbalance in the STEM fields, but there are many movements that are trying to bring gender equality in the fields. This year, Malawi will hold a WiSci Girls Camp aiming to bridge the gap through access to education, mentorship opportunities and leadership training for young girls. The camp will be held at MUST for two weeks.

NEF Ambassador
Rachel Sibande, the NEF ambassador to Malawi is the founder of the first tech hub in Malawi “mHub”. An advocate of girls in STEM, Mhub mentors and trains youth, girls and children in Rachel will lead the Africa Science Week in Malawi


  1. Creative Design Workshop: This workshop will train students in idea generation and prototyping. The goal is to train them to develop the skills for tomorrow’s engineers.
  2. Tech Discovery – coding: This activity will teach kids how to develop games using scratch and coding mobile applications.
  3. Hardware programming: Planned for college students and other young community members, this activity will teach them the principles of electronics and programming mostly using Arduino boards.
  4. Digital skills for Women in STEM: This IT workshop for women will include a career talk aspect. The skills that they will be trained include mobile development, photography, graphic designing and social media.
  5. Science Expo day: The first ever expo day to be organized in Malawi with over 20 interactive stands targeting local businesses, corporations and organizations that will provide hands-on science, technology, engineering and math exhibits and activities to communities surrounding Lilongwe City.

27 June 2017 to 30 June 2017:
Tuesday 27 June – Creative Thinking & Design Workshops
Wednesday 28 June- Digital Skills for Women in STEM
Thursday 29 June – Hardware Programming & Tech Discovery Children’s Coding
Friday 30 June – Science Expo Day


Tuesday to Thursday, venue will be at mHub offices in Lilongwe. Friday the venue will be at Lilongwe Golf Club.


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