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The ability of African countries to develop themselves in a sustainable way depends in large part on its capacity to create scientific knowledge and improve the public’s knowledge of science in Africa.

NEF is building public movement to support scientific exploration by focusing on:

  • Public outreach/dialogue: NEF works to build a dialogue among researchers, policymakers, civil society and the public on science and social issues.
  • Education: NEF is working to increase the attractiveness of science through improving education at all levels.. This includes reinforcing links between formal and informal science education and between science education and scientific careers.
  • Science & industry roundtables: The NEF provides a platform where the scientific community and industry and private sector leaders can place science at the heart of private sector investments.
  • Ethics: In the social sciences, ethical issues are often the subject of research. The NEF aims to promote informed debates about ethical issues in science and technology and international development.


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