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EstherKundaWho am I and what do I do?

My name is Esther Kunda, I am the education support manager for Intel supporting the Rwandan government to implement its smart education plan. I am also a member of Girls in ICT- Rwanda which is a group of women who work to raise awareness amongst young girls to join technology fields as well as use technology in any other careers they opt for.

Where am I traveling from?

I am traveling from Rwanda – the land of a thousand hills!

Why am I excited about being a NEF ambassador?

AIMS/NEF is starting a revolution to make science and technology a core contributor to the African development and being able to contribute in anyway is exciting.

What am I most excited about regarding the GG event?

In the GG event, I look forward to meeting and hearing from the best African scientists, discovering their work and the impact it has on Africans. Most importantly I am excited to hear how governments will commit to promote STEM fields in their respective countries and encourage young people to join to ensure in the near future we have our very own EinsteinS.

What are some interesting discoveries about science and tech in Africa?

In the African tech world, I can start with the device made in Africa by Verone Mankou, BRCK a connectivity device designed purely for the African environment and Irembo a service that allows the Rwandan government to provide all public services online.