17 June 2017

Aneth David

Led By: Aneth David

Tanzanian government under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology strives to “put in place and strengthen structures and procedures which will enable the country to get educated citizens that add value in national development.” Under the current administration’s “Tanzania of industries” focus, promotion of Science, Technology, and Innovation (ST&I) becomes imperative. Science and technology have been demonstrated to be key drivers of economic development and well-being of any nation across the world.

However, Tanzania is still lagging behind in ST&I compared to other Sub-Saharan countries and the rest of the world, with only 69 researchers (headcount) per million population. Low level of utilization of science and technology in the country has led to low productivity in important sectors like agriculture, and manufacturing and service industries. To transform the economy towards competitiveness, more efforts are needed to promote ST&I from grass-root levels. It is in this light that NEF is coordinating and implementing an African Science Week (ASW) across Africa.

NEF Ambassador:
Aneth David is scientific academician and researcher at University of Dar es Salam (UDSM), Tanzania, and a PhD candidate at SLU/UDSM. Her research focuses on improving agricultural productivity in Tanzania using biotechnology and impact of scientific research in daily life of Tanzanians. Ms. David is also passionate about women empowerment and their role in social development. She enjoys sharing and imparting knowledge and experiences, and works closely with the younger generation.

Overview ASW Tanzania Activities:

1. Career day in Science
17 June 2017 09:00am Venue: The Almuntazir School, Charambe Street, Off UN Road near Salendar Bridge, Dar es Salaam

Students will be engaged in active learning of Chemistry, Technology and Engineering using interactive science kits with manuals. Afterwards, students will take part in career discussion with professionals from different fields: an academician, a medical personnel, a computer scientist and a mathematician to inspire and motivate them to choose a career in science. They will get a chance to talk about their dreams and aspirations as well as questions.


Vanessa Chilunda – Biochemist&Statistician
Lwidiko Edward – Medical Doctor
Gibson Kawago – Innovator
Aneth David – Academician/Bio-technologist

2. Science Projects Competition
17 June 2017 09:00am.Venue: The Almuntazir School, Charambe Street, Off UN Road near Salendar Bridge, Dar es Salaam

Students will participate in physical activities and science projects competition followed by an award ceremony. The competitions are designed to ignite passion and creativity of the students in Science and Technology.

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