Republic of Congo:

30 June- 1 July 2017

With a population of 4.5 million, the Republic of Congo has only one public university (University MARIEN NGOUABI) that is more accessible to the majority of the population. Access to technology in Congo is still a factor of social and economic status and affordability. With a significant increase in mobile penetration across Africa, the Congolese population has also benefited from a more affordable connection to Internet via mobiles. However, exposure to modern technology is still a long way to go for many of young Congolese students. We would like to introduce young people to more useful online free applications that can help them gain more skills and stimulate their interest in future STEM job opportunities.

 The Knowledge Sharing Campaign (KSC) is a safe community platform that brings together passionate technologists, professionals and African students, who want to share knowledge, experiences and learn from each other. We bring together young Africans and use technology to promote excellence in education and advocate for socio-economic justice in Africa. KSC supports the NEF 1mil1 campaign and we also believe in STEM as critical foundation subjects for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in any related fields.

NEF Ambassador
Dr. Charles Lebon MBERI KIMPOLO, the NEF ambassador to the Republic of Congo is the Bilingual Senior Program Manager, leading the AIMS Industry Initiative from the Next Einstein Initiative Global Secretariat. He is the founder of the Knowledge Sharing Campaign (KSC). In collaboration with other passionate technologists and KSC alumni, Charles will lead the Africa Science Week in Republic of Congo and parallel sessions that will take place in Hyderabad, India.

Events in Brazzaville and Hyderbad, India:

Friday, 30th June 2017 – Kick off and Motivational Talks

Venue : Le Rectorat de l’Université Marien Ngouabi

  1. Kick off of the Africa Science Week in Brazzaville
  2. Motivational Talks

 * Talk about STEM and raise awareness on future job opportunities

* Make children at younger ages realize that it is difficult for them to become scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians if they do not have a strong foundation in STEM subjects from high schools

* Motivate parents to encourage their children choose STEM subjects in order to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow

  1. Questions & Answers Session

* The voice of the youth

* The voice of the parents

Confirmed Speakers:

  1. Prof. Basile Guy Richard BOSSOTO (Keynote speaker)
  2. Dr. Franck Davhys Reval LANGA
  3. Dr. Régis BABINDAMANA
  4. Dr. Van Borhel NKOU

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Saturday, 1st July 2017 – Full day hands-on workshop with interactive sessions

  1. Introduction to free online applications like Google Apps as a foundation to learn STEM subjects
  2. Exposure to basic tools to improve skills in STEM subjects



Immeuble Monte Christo – Rond point de la gare, Brazzaville

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In the African Student Diaspora in India:


Day 1: Friday, 30th June 2017 – Kick off and Motivational Talks

  1. Kick off of the Africa Science Week in Hyderabad
  2. Motivational talks

Confirmed Speakers:

  1. Mrs. Anju Khemani
  2. Mr. ‎Ranganathan Balashanmugam, Head of Engineering – Aconex, India (Keynote Speaker)

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Day 2: Saturday, 1st July 2017 – Full Day Workshop on the role of STEM in Entrepreneurship

      * Make African students realize that how STEM can support entrepreneurship, which in turn can be the solution for jobs creation and address unemployment in Africa


Crystal Hotel

10-5-5/1, Rd Number 1, Owaisi Pura, Masab Tank,

Hyderabad, Telangana 500028,

Hyderabad, India

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