27-30 June 2017

Moussa Thiam

Led By: Moussa Thiam

Moussa Thiam, the NEF ambassador of Mali is a PhD student in civil engineering at the University of Ottawa where he has developed an innovative method to turn plastic waste into civil engineering construction materials. This innovation has given him various worldwide accolades


  1. Opening ceremony: the opening of the Africa Science Week will be a panel discussion on challenges in science and technology related research in high learning institutions. Several people will share their experiences including NEF fellows
  2. Blood donation drive with Football party: We will hold a friendly football match and simultaneously encourage people to donate blood to the army and various hospitals.
  3. Spotlight on local science heroes/heroines: this will bring together accomplished scientists for a meet – and-greet especially women in science to inspire the young generation.
  4. Industry tour: students from high schools will visit different industries like mining, aeronautics, telecommunications, design and architecture companies to get a first-hand experience in what they do. This activity will be carried out in various cities in Mali.
  5. Coding workshop: this workshop will be for kids who will learn the basics of coding in order to inspire to join STEM fields. This event will happen in parallel in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal.
  6. Design and entrepreneurship competition: this competition will bring together young people with innovative ideas to compete, showcase local researchers through a poster competition.