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Thierry Zomahoun

About NEF - ISC - ThierryMr. Thierry Zomahoun is the Founding Executive Director and currently President and CEO of African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Thierry is the global for growing Africa’s first and largest network of centres of excellence in mathematical sciences. Founded in 2003, AIMS has won international acclaim for its scientific model for independent thinking, problem-solving and widely applicable mathematical solutions to development fields of greatest relevance to Africa. Through its Next Einstein Initiative, a plan designed for the transformation of Africa through the power of youth and science, AIMS provides hundreds of talented young African scholars with cutting edge mathematical skills training and research.

In 2013, Thierry founded the AIMS Next Einstein Forum (NEF), a global forum for science, the first ever to take place on African soil. Through the NEF, AIMS sets out to establish Africa as the next hub for global science. An Ivy League graduate from McGill Desautels School of Business and HEI Montreal (Canada) and the Graduate Institute for International Studies (Switzerland), Thierry is passionate about science, business and innovation for development in Africa.