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Le Next Einstein Forum lance un sondage pour mesurer l’écart entre les genres dans l’enseignement des STIM et la recherche en Afrique  

Kigali, le 24 janvier 2018 – Le Next Einstein Forum (NEF), une initiative de l'Institut Africain des Sciences Mathématiques (AIMS) en partenariat avec la Fondation Robert Bosch, annonce aujourd'hui le lancement d'un important sondage visant à mesurer l’écart existant...

For tech to be funded, it must improve lives

Technology can’t solve problems. Neither can data, for that matter. It can’t plug the holes of governance and political will but, without it, we cannot hope to address the myriad problems facing African countries. This idea permeated the Science Forum South Africa....

International scientists collaborate on Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) Africa study to deepen understanding of early-career scientists and scholars in Africa and the African diaspora

For long science, as well as scientific performance, in Africa has been associated with challenges and handicaps more than anything else. This global “impression” has hampered many knowledge contributions from African science, especially given the absence of national,...