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An interview with Brida Mbuwir, PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering and Former Electrical Engineer at Schneider Electric

“A lady, an engineer,...
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LADIES IN STEM | How They Started

“I registered to study...
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Blog by Tapiwa Bokosi Malawi: What are we here for? Africa Science Week!

The Second Lady Mrs....
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[GUEST BLOG] Of Particles and Possibilities – Chilufya Mwewa

During my school days,...
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Abdeslam Badre, NEF Ambassador: Science Diplomacy & Institutional Leadership Modes in Africa

Science in diplomacy...
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NEF Ambassador Rachel Sibande Highlight: Need for Training Girls in ICT

Women are...
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From The Blog

A cheap and effective way to stop deforestation

With every passing day, it becomes increasingly urgent that the world do more to reduce its carbon emissions. The good news is that we’ve not yet exhausted the low-hanging fruits of this effort—especially those found in tropical forests. Read...

Antibiotic nanoparticles fight drug-resistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, especially among a type of bacteria that are classified as “Gram-negative.” These bacteria have two cell membranes, making it more difficult for drugs to penetrate and kill the cells. Researchers from MIT and other...